We at Tavistock Veterinarians are constantly seeking the most current and cutting edge knowledge to help you manage your dairy the best way possible.  This fact is a huge driver in what we do.  In some cases, the knowledge that we are seeking is not available yet!  If the right situation presents itself, we will go and try and find the answer ourselves.  This is the basic premise behind the research we do at Tavistock Veterinarians.

Our current research projects include

“Evaluation of Genomic Testing and Early Genetic Selection of Dairy Heifers and its Financial Benefit to the Ontario Dairy Industry”

This project will answer 3 main questions for the dairy producer

1)      How accurate is genomic testing in predicting fat and protein production in first lactation animals?

2)      How accurate is genomic testing in ranking animals based on fat and protein production in first lactation animals, compared to actual production?

3)      What is the net financial benefit (if any) of genomic testing all potential replacement heifers on a commercial dairy?

We believe that the answers to these 3 questions will be very valuable to the dairy producer who is looking to manage their heifer inventory more efficiently and profitably.