Client Education

We are well known in the Dairy industry for providing a web2high level of client education.  In the past, we have usually held 2 large meetings each year.  The Spring Symposium would concentrate on one topic, usually with a farm tour portion.  Our fall meeting would often cover 4-5 topics including complete practice reproduction summaries.

Past Spring meeting topics:

Heat abatement strategies for Freestall barns
Foot health symposium
Transition management: Current trends in nutrition and monitoring
Heifer nutrition and management
Udder health – parlour management
Reproductive strategies
Calf nutrition and housing

More recently we are investigating the use of multiple small group meeting based around 2-3 specific topics.  These meetings would allow producers to meet and discuss only the issues that most interest them.

Many years ago, we were involved with DHI in delivering Return Over Feed clubs (ROF).  As DHI stepped away from these, we continued to host an ROF club which has become more of a “Management Club”.  The group meets quarterly, with a farm tour, ROF and speaker on a topic chosen by the group.  We feel the on-farm portion of these clubs is very important, so producers can see management techniques and new technology at work in other herds.

This “club” model has worked very well.  We ran 2 neighbourhood clubs in 2011 and 2012 that focused on Johnes and Calf health.  In 2013, we also ran a club focusing on the Dairy Profit Profiler.

In an effort to supply more expertise to our clients, Drs Westlake and Needham were trained to offer the Profit Profiler in 2012.  This is a service offered in partnership with CanWest DHI.  The advisor will work with you to evaluate the economic picture on your farm with benchmarks from across Canada supplied for comparison.

Finally, we produce a monthly newsletter for clients to detail any new information.  We are currently investigating how these could be delivered more timely, perhaps biweekly, via technology.

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